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The congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Bon Secours was founded by Fr.Julian Charles Lehoday of the Pars Foreign Mission in the year 1858.Following the great example of St.Francis of Assissi, the sisters of the congregation have as their general aim to grow in the likeness of Christ, by sharing in the three-fold mission of the church.

  • To bear witness
  • To establish fraternity
  • To render true, loving service
  • To be for all those who seek and need refuge
  • To offer help for the helpless, the abandoned and the downtrodden especially in the women society

The Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Bon Secours are working in various parts of our country and they have extended their service to Italy, Germany and France. Their dedicated service for over 160 years in the fields of evangelisation, helping refugees,healthcare, social service and education.

The crown of the Congregation is the establishment of a first CBSE school under the great umbrella in the year 2013 founded by Superior General Very Rev. Mother Lourdu Mary, Bon Secours Congregation with 280 students and 11 teachers. Mother Jayarani the Provincial, Thanjavur Province held the fort as Secretary of the school since its inception. Rev.Sr.Sebastiammal, Superior shouldered the responsibility of the Correspondent. Mrs.Mallika Simon as Principal to guide the faculty and students. Rev.Sr.Ezhilarasi to assist in the administration of the office. We feel blessed to continue the journey towards the distribution of excellence and to reach the pinnacle of success.

Now we are moving under the guidance of

  • President: Very.Rev.Mother Maria Philomi
  • Secretary: Rev.Sr.Rita Rani
  • Education Co-ordinator: Rev.Sr.Mariammal
  • Principal: Sr.Jayarani M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil

We praise God for the milestone crossed and every laurel won. We look for God’s steadfast love and continuous blessings as we move forward in God’s service.