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Competitive Exams

Opportunities and training are provided to participate in IMO exams by conducting special coaching classes on Saturdays and holidays.

IMO Exam Result (2018-2019)

Name Grade Position
S.Deebiga 6 Gold Medal
J.Srijaa Sampoorna 6 Silver Medal
T.S.Ruthish 6 Bronze Medal
S.Shrieraam 7 Gold Medal
K.A.Mafyouna Thalqeen 7 Silver Medal
R.Lakshana 7 Bronze Medal
K.Priyadharan 8 Gold Medal
Kumarakuru 8 Silver Medal
Jothibasu 8 Bronze Medal
M.Shivaranjanii 9 Gold Medal
Flamin David 9 Gold Medal
P.Viveka 9 Silver Medal
T.Geethalakshmi 9 Bronze Medal