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Correspondent's Message

As the Correspondent of Bon Secours Public School, it is indeed a great privilege and a unique opportunity for me to communicate to you through this medium.

The primary objective of our congregation is to offer children a value-based and holistic education which paves the way for the Integrated Development of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the personality enriched by the knowledge of Indian Culture, a sense of Patriotism and a Universal Outlook. We offer a practical and judicious combination of academic excellence, extra-curricular pursuits, character building and personality development.

e not only educate students with academics but to encourage individuals to be independent, innovative, imaginative and resourceful. We value their creativity both within and beyond school. We train our pupils to inculcate the following habits in them:

  • Kind and Polite to everyone
  • Work sensibly all times
  • Do things as soon as we are asked
  • Look after all the things we use in school
  • Keep our school and ourselves clean and tidy

The dizzy height of tomorrow beckons the children of today and it is the duty of parents, teachers and the society to trigger optimism into them. Bon Secours Public School will serve as the proving ground for a new generation of leaders and visionaries that will blaze a trail in the next several years!!

Thank You,
Rev.Sr.Roslin Malarkodi